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You’ve been on a journey of

the Spirit all your life.


You’ve lived through a lot, and you’ve learned much along the way. Now, you desire to grow a more thoughtful, meaningful faith that satisfies your mind and sustains your heart. 


You may be looking for something that can bring it all together, but not everything you’ve been told seems to add up. 


Or maybe you simply love to learn “outside the box” and enjoy meeting others who are as drawn to adventures of the mind and spirit as you are.


In a way, taking the next step can be like entering a warm, inviting kitchen … to discover new flavors you never imagined and even re-discover some you thought you already knew.

Welcome to that special kind of kitchen, serving up food for thought and food for the soul.


Welcome to The Theological Gourmet.


Join us as we gather around the insights of scholars, contemplatives, and activists, alongside generous portions of science, history, the arts, and the world’s Wisdom traditions. With all these ingredients, we pursue a rich, thoughtful faith of honesty, integrity, and depth that discovers meaning, builds community, and inspires for engagement and justice.


Salad Spoons

The Podcast

Our innovative biweekly podcast serves up fun takes on theology, life, and culture, not only featuring thoughtful reflections and interviews, but also real-life culinary adventures which reflect the themes being treated, with a delicious recipe in every episode!

Festive Table Decoration

Webinars & Conversations

We offer stimulating webinars and online conversations, integrating the best of what Bible scholars and theologians are saying today with science, history, the arts, and the world's Wisdom traditions.

Wild Scenery


We hear the Spirit's call to organize pilgrimages to sites of sacred, historical, and cultural interest, including  Ireland, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, and Turkey.

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